Word-Filled Women



Through regional “Word-Filled Women” training, The Gospel Coalition aims to encourage and support the growth of Word-based ministry among women in and through the local church, under the leadership of pastors and elders. We are hosting two-day regional workshops for women currently engaged or interested in Word-filled ministry–that is, ministry grounded in the Scriptures, growing in the context of God’s people, and aiming for the glory of Christ.

We celebrate the many various paths of ministry among women, from teaching to mentoring to mercy ministry to working with children, and on and on. The workshop is for women walking along one of these paths of ministry, paid or unpaid, who want to grow in studying, handling, and sharing God’s Word. TGC-sponsored teachers will lead sessions in: (1) a biblical approach to women’s ministry and discipleship; and (2) biblical exposition, focusing on one biblical book per workshop.

We hope

We hope this training might bring together a diverse group of women from across a city or a region, to learn from God’s Word and one another. We are praying that God will bless his church as women and their pastors and elders increasingly partner together for fruitful gospel ministry, and as well-trained women pass on that training to others. TGC’s theological commitments concerning men and women (see “Creation of Humanity,” in our confessional statement) provide a vital framework within which women live and minister for the glory of Christ and the good of the church. May the Lord raise up more and more godly women leaders—Christ-exalting, gospel-centered, and Word-filled—who will be effectively deployed and supported by church leaders.




This workshop is for women in paid or unpaid ministry, and women with potential and interest in Word-filled ministry. Participants don’t have to be involved in formal “women’s ministry” programs; we’re also aiming to reach women engaged in Christian education, children’s and youth ministry, work with the poor—from Bible teachers to small group leaders to evangelists to those ministering in the workplace. Any woman who desires to grow in her ability to handle the Scriptures and disciple others with the Scriptures is invited, no matter what her previous ministry experience. Participants are welcome from the teen years onward.



Before registering, we ask that you speak with one of your pastors or elders about your desire to attend this training. When you register, we will ask you to indicate that you have communicated with a pastor or elder. You will be asked to share their name and email address so that we can send pre- and post-workshop packets to them, that they may prayerfully support you in this training.

Two months before the workshop you will receive preparatory materials including worksheets on the biblical book we’ll be discussing together.


The expositional part of this round of workshops will focus on one biblical genre, starting with epistles in the book of Colossians. The ministry and discipleship components will use as a jumping-off-point the book, Word-Filled Women’s Ministry: Loving and Serving the Church, ed. Gloria Furman and Kathleen Nielson.


Post-workshop packets with additional reading material will be sent to each participant and her elder or pastor, for ongoing discussion and prayerful follow up. 

Tentative Schedule

FRIDAY 3:00-8:30pm

Session 1: Why Are We Here?

Session 2: Ministering God’s Word


Session 3A: Instructions in Exposition, Part I

SATURDAY 8:00am-5:00pm

Session 3B: Instructions in Exposition, Part II

Session 4A: Practice in Exposition


Session 4B: Observations in Exposition

Session 5: The Living Context: Serving God’s People

Session 6: Panel Question and Answer

Pastors & Elders

We are thankful for the involvement and support of pastors and elders.

Each regional workshop is hosted by one local church, and a pastor or elder from that church helps lead the gathering. In addition, each registrant is asked to speak initially with one of her pastors or elders about the workshop, for their support and prayer. Pastors or elders of participants will receive pre- and post-workshop materials online, and are encouraged to pray for them and discuss training content.

Upcoming Workshops

Registration is limited at each workshop. Since this is a workshop and not a conference, these tend to be smaller events. Registration capacity is determined according to space constraints in each location. The registration fee also varies by location, usually ranging from $75-$110.


Previous workshops: University Reformed Church (East Lansing, MI), Desert Springs Church (Albuquerque, NM), College Park Church (Indianapolis, IN), Karawaci Presbyterian Church (Jakarta, Indonesia), First Presbyterian Church (Augusta, GA), The Orchard Evangelical Free Church (Barrington, IL), Second Presbyterian Church (Memphis, TN), International Baptist Church (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic), Charlottesville Community Church (Charlottesville, VA), The Austin Stone Community Church (Austin, TX), Redemption City Church (Frederick, MD), Cornerstone Church (Atlanta, GA), Boston Chinese Evangelical Church (Boston, MA), Park Church (Denver, CO), Grace Baptist Church (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island).

The women at our church were greatly encouraged, challenged, and enriched by the teaching and training we received during the Word-Filled Women’s Ministry Workshop that came to The Orchard. While I anticipate ongoing fruit in the years ahead, one of the immediate takeaways for women was to slow down when reading God’s Word; asking questions, looking at context, and identifying themes that open our eyes more fully to the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ and the centrality of the gospel. I encourage any church that is offered this opportunity to embrace it wholeheartedly on behalf of women who want to grow in knowing and handling God’s Word effectively for His glory.

 Linda Green, Director of Women’s Ministries, The Orchard Evangelical Free Church (Arlington Heights, IL)

We were pleased to host a TGC women’s workshop at University Reformed Church. The TGC staff were great to work with, the women who attended were blessed by the teaching, the fellowship, and the encouragement to go deeper into God’s word. I expect the workshop to bear good fruit among many gospel-minded congregations in our area.

Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant Church, Matthews, NC (Formerly Senior Pastor of University Reformed Church, East Lansing, MI)

I’m eager to commend TGC’s Word-Filled Women’s Ministry initiative. If pastors can tend to overlook needs of women in their congregation, women can tend to overlook their need for pastors. Women’s events often reinforce this separation. From beginning to end, TGC’s ministry to our women not only strengthened them in the Word, but in love for our church and our pastors.

Trent Hunter, Pastor for Administration and Teaching, Desert Springs Church (Albuquerque, NM)

The Word Filled Women workshop was offered for the first time in Jakarta, Indonesia, a few months ago. It was wonderful to see women from different churches, nationalities, age groups, and vocational backgrounds gathered around God’s Word and discovering the richness of expository Bible study. The workshop was flexible, substantive, and truly edifying, and many participants expressed a desire to continue learning and growing in this area.

Joy Lee, Lecturer in Economics and Business Administration at Universitas Pelita Harapan, Karawaci Presbyterian Church (Jakarta, Indonesia)